VERBIS Registration

VERBIS Registration

Foreign Controllers are required to register with Data Controllers Registry (“VERBIS”) prior to start processing personal data of individuals in Turkey. Having said that, the supervisory authority published deadlines for Controllers to register with VERBIS.

The current deadline for Foreign Controllers to register with VERBIS is December 31, 2021.

VERBIS registration does not only consist of providing the name, address and contact information of the Controller to the supervisory authority. In order to complete the VERBIS registration, the Controller must provide information into VERBIS system with regards to the following;

– Data subject categories,

– Data categories,

– Legal basis for data processing,

– Purposes of data processing,

– Retention time,

– Technical and organizational measures taken for safeguarding personal data.

Since the VERBIS system is only in Turkish, when you appoint us as your Representative, we collect the information above from you with a special spreadsheet in English, review the spreadsheet, finalize the inventory and enter the information into VERBIS in Turkish.